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New Advertising Solutions

This new transparent digital signage display has been optimized to increase its initial transparency and gives CrystalFrame its technological edge. In combination with Crystal-OS operating software, the CrystalFrame becomes one massive tool to both engage users and acquire statistical data. Achieve unprecedented level of advertising power by adding CrystalFrame to your marketing solutions.

Integrated LED Lighting

All transparent LCD display requires a certain amount of back lighting to perform at their optimal state. To facilitate installation and scalability, we have designed the CrystalFrame to support a strip of LED light. This provides light to the back of the frame and thus, generate sufficient light intensity for its transparent capabilities. These LED light strips are included and supplied with every CrystalFrame kit.

Protection Frame

The transparent LCD membrane used in making the CrystalFrame display is 1.6mm in thickness and can be very fragile to manipulate. To overcome this matter, the CrystalFrame membrane is secured in a metal frame and laminated onto a tempered glass. This provides easy handling and fast installation without any uncertainties.

Link kit

Building a transparent video wall is now easier and faster than ever. Our link kit is designed to secure multiple CrystalFrame together without the need of an additional support frame. This linking system gives you an infinite number of possibilities for integrating the CrystalFrame into your single or multi-display projects.

CrystalFrame Versatility

The Crystalframe design has proven to be extremely versatile towards its easy integration and remote management. From commercial stores to commercial refrigerator doors, CrystalFrame is the perfect tool to enhance your advertising capabilities.

Transparent Display Box

Transparent Display Box
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Transparent Video Wall

Transparent Video Wall
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Transparent Commercial Refrigerator Doors

Commercial Transparent Fridge
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