Integrator Section

CrystalFrame Specifications

Serial # : CRF-S55-STD
Weight : 8 Kg
Dimensions : 1231mm x 702mm x 62mm
Cluster assembly : Yes (see assembly diagrams)
Vertical assembly : Yes (see assembly diagrams)
Native Resolution : HD – 1920 x 1080
Dimensions : Variable depending on assembly
Connectivity : Ethernet, Wifi
Operating System : Crystal-OS
Cloud content : Yes
Supply Voltage : 90-240vAC
Min. Current : 3A

Elements in the integrator kit

1 x 55″ CrystalFrame screen

1 x Control box


2 x Flat cables


1 x AC supply cable

(Model varies depending on market)

1 x Self-adhesive LED spool


Multi-Screen Connections

Accessories required

Attachment accessories are not delivered with the screen. These items are sold separately and can be delivered depending on the project.

X-Link joint


T-Link joint


Metric Screw

ISO 7046-1 - M3 x 12 - 4.8 - H

Multi-Screen Montage

Exploded View Assembly

Front View Assembly

Montage Information

1. The frame may be supplied by the client or delivered by us
2. The client is responsible for ensuring that the assembly is structurally sound
3. This assembly is only meant as an example as there are many

Control Boxes Positioning

Identification of Components

Organization and Positioning information

1. These placements are only meant as an example
2. The maximum length of the flat cable is 48″
3. The control boxes should be positioned out of the user’s sight but should remain accessible for maintenance

Positioning Example 1 & 2

Positioning Example 3

Routing of Flat Cables

Flat Cables Information

1. The flat cables can be folded carefully to go around the aluminum strip and joined to a corner of the screen
2. Place the cable in the proper direction, with the copper contacts against those of the ports
3. The self-adhesive finishing hood can cover the wiring for a neat finish

Connectivity of Flat Cables

 1. Place the flat cable metal connection toward the connector

 2. Carefully place each side notch in the connector’s bracket

3. Close the top hatch of the connector

Display Box Mounting

Additional Display Box Information

1. To provide clearer, more saturated and brighter image, use maximum amount of lumens.
2. Place the CrystalFrame away from direct and indirect sunlight. The human eye adjust to the surrounding environment, thus locating a shaded place for CrystalFrame is ideal.
3. Multiple attachement can be inputed into the Control Box: motion sensors, motorized equipment, speakers, cameras, microphones, printers and many more.

Installation of the LED strip

Place the LED strip around the frame on the indicated surface.
The strip must start at one corner and end a the same corner, as illustrated above.

Additional Information

Remove visible corner light spills by breaking associated capacitor. Each capacitor covers 3 consecutive LED.

The LED strip should run on the outside of the visible glass area

The LED strip should run toward the control box. Cut the LED strip in alignment with a copper joint

Control Box Specification

Ports at the front of the box

Ports at the back of the box

Control Box Dimensions

Integrator Catalogue



CrystalFrame Control Box


Flat cables


Self-adhesive LED spool


AC supply cable

(Model varies depending on market)

X-Link joint


T-Link joint


Metric Screw

ISO 7046-1 - M3 x 12 - 4.8 - H