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Certification program

You can quickly become a certified integrator now, our certified integrator program is versatile and fast to learn.

How does the program works? 

 Axis4’s business model is adapted to work in symbiosis with local integrators and digital agency’s.
 Only Axis4 Media’s certified technician can handle the technology without voiding the warranty.
 This program allow retailers & clients to hire local integrators for services and maintenance

Program advantages

Renewed business with existing customers

Create new opportunities

Credibility & reputation

Cutting edge technology

3 Types of certifications training

1. Handling & integrations

Mastery of the CrystalFrame transparent LCD and its installation.

2. Networking & connectivity

Understanding the overall measure to which a multiple-display system is build and maintain.

3. Crystal-OS software

Comprehension of the Crystal-OS web portal, application broadcasting and video player.

Interested in becoming a certified integrator?

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