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CrystalFrame Counter

Project information.

In April 2019, Axis4 was mandated by L’Oréal Canada to create a turn-key advertising solution for the Giorgio Armani fragrance division. This project was perfect to showcase our new product, the CrystalFrame Counter. This new revolutionary advertising counter was designed with several key objectives in mind: highlighting consumer products, attracting consumers from a distant, providing supplementary product information and gathering statistical data. For this specific project, the front lay out of the counter was designed to showcase Giorgio Armani’s new fragrance Code Absolu by displaying generic branding video over 3 shelves of real Armani products. The top lay out of the counter was designed to showcase the full line of fragrances by displaying a call-to-action video over all 4 Armani Code products. When a customer touches the top display, a fully customized Giorgio Armani interactive application is activated. When activated, customers are prompted to touch either directly above each perfumes to discover additional information or to start a quiz which gives them an idea of what perfume would be best suited for them. We have also integrated a contest, where customers can enter a draw to win a box of perfume testers. To optimize and monitor each campaign success, we are gathering many analytical inputs, such as, favorite perfume, amount of subscriptions, amount of touches, amount of navigation customer emails, customer age.

Project video.

Project Locations.

  1 CrystalFrame Counter : The Bay, 3401 Dufferin St, North York, ON M6A 2T9