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Interactive community wall

Project information.

In June 2019, Axis4 and Jackman were mandated by Lululemon to deliver a custom CrystalFrame Wall solution named “The SweatLifeCommunity Statement Wall”. Having an incredible dedicated community, Lululemon concept was to engage consumer at a personal level by inviting them to share their experiences and goals directly onto the wall. This required a “Goal Share app” to be developed by Jackman and with effective collaboration, an evolutive experience was successfully scheduled. In addition, Lululemon wanted to make sure to incite people to naturally interact with the wall and consequently positioned the digital wall in the middle of a seating area. This new community area has the perfect environment for consumer to come together and share their experiences. Altogether, Lululemon is more than just a simple store, and this digital community wall is the perfect project to demonstrate it.

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Project location.

  CrystalFrame Wall 4 tiles : Lululemon, 944 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60642