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CrystalFrame 55″ Integrator Kit


• 1x 55″ CrystalFrame (CRF-S55-STD)
• 1x Self-adhesive LED Spool (CRF-O55-001)
• 1x CrystalFrame Control Box (CRF-E55-001)
• 1x Crystal-OS Software (CRF-STF-001)
• 4x X-Link (CRF-QXX-004)
• 4x T-Link (CRF-QXX-005)
• 16x Metric Screws (ISO 7046-1)
• 1x Finishing Cap
• 1x Power supply USA standards (we can supply European type)

Note: For better overall results, look at the “How to enhance the technology” and “FAQ” sections.


The Crystalframe design has proven to be extremely versatile towards its easy integration and remote management. From commercial stores to commercial refrigerator doors, CrystalFrame is the perfect tool to enhance your advertising capabilities.