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Cutting-edge digital mirror

Create exceptional interactive experiences

From fiction to reality, this new interactive mirror display is truly redefining the potential of digital signage advertisement. You can now achieve unprecedented level of customer interaction by having the ability to overlay videos and applications directly over a mirror.

Product features

Plug and play

We have put major efforts in developing turn-key solutions for all our advertising products. This product is no different, the CrystalMirror comes ready out-of-the-box and requires little to no installation.  Every CrystalMirror is pre-installed with Crystal-OS software.  This turn the CrystalMirror into a connected object which can be remotely controlled on the Crystal-OS dashboard. Broadcasting and monitoring advertising campaign onto a digital mirror is now a real possibility.

Touch-screen enabled

Every CrystalMirror comes built-in with touch-screen sensors. Having touch-screen sensors directly on-top of a mirror surface enables a wide new range of customer experiences and interactions. 

Dimensions (WxHxD mm)


Weight (Kg)


The revolutionary CrystalFrame Counter is here. Increase brand recognition, engage consumers and gain advertising power instantly.

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Transparent advertising products

From commercial stores to commercial refrigerator doors, CrystalFrame is the perfect tool to enhance your advertising capabilities.

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