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Revolutionary digital signage software

Manage an infinite number of displays remotely

Our revolutionary digital signage software is perfect for a wide range of use cases. From transparent LCD to regular LED displays, Crystal-OS does it all. Its remote and easy management makes it perfect tool to enhance your digital signage capabilities.

Use cases

Crystal-OS Player

Works with any CrystalFrame display


Works with all LCD display including: professional TV, custom LCD displays

Intel x86

Works with all LED display including: LED panels, programmable LED

Crystal-OS is a cloud-based digital signage software.
You can access, configure and broadcast to an infinite number of displays from anywhere around the world.

Crystal-OS features

The Crystal-OS Dashboard gives real-time access and control over a wide variety of remote management functions. It is a subscriptions based service which you can choose to subscribe by a monthly or yearly period.  One dashboard access is needed per CrystalFrame.

Access it from any device

The dashboard is accessible through virtually any internet connected device. In addition, the framework behind the dashboard is built using Meteor. This improves the dashboard response time to the database, resulting in real-time operations.

Secured network

We have put a major effort to provide you with the most secure dashboard access, all projects are restricted to their own cloud access. We have established a multi-level hierarchy for user access right and management. 

Over-the-air app broadcasting

You can easily broadcast any .apk files to the media gallery and manage them remotely.

The Crystal-OS dashboard also include the capabilities to : 

• User support
• Get proof of performance
• Get live display screenshots
• Update hardware remotely
• View and manage statistical data

Dashboard features

There are several native applications included with the dashboard: Crystal-Sync, Crystal-Player and Crystal-Web.

This application enables the ability to broadcast and play content remotely via the web dashboard. 
• Instant Video and Photo Broadcasting
• Media Gallery
• Video Playlists and Scheduling

This application allows for fast and easy management of video walls.
• Quick multi-display configuration
• Easy bezel correction
• Auto-upscaling feature
• Pre-tiled content for resolutions higher than 4K
• UHD encoder add-on option for HDMI input

This application allows for fast and easy control over URL broadcasting. 
• Quick configuration of URL web-pages, including HTML 5
• Instant broadcasting
• Perfect for Point-of-sale
• Chromium based

Digital signage player

The player comes with Crystal-OS Software pre-installed and provides the ability to access your devices from the dashboard.


• HDMI output
• Quick setup
• Crystal-OS pre-installed
• IR touch panel options

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