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First of its kind advertising platform

Retail is under attack!

 With shrinking margins and disruptive new delivery based competitors, Food retailers need to adapt fast.

 The emerging ‘Transparent Advertising Channel’ has proven to engage customers and create meaningful lift

High value ad placement = More sales & new revenue

 Brands and Manufacturers are already heavily invested in advertising across TV, Radio, Online and In-Store, but until now there has been zero effective impression at Point of Purchase.

 Transparent ads deliver meaningful impressions where it counts, at the last two feet.

Delivery is everything

Axis4 Media offers a complete hands-free turnkey solution.

Integration team

The integration team professionally installs and manages all required hardware in store. All networking, management, maintenance is handled by us making roll-out a breeze.

Ad team

The Ad Team has decades of retail experience and works directly with major brands and agencies to ensure that beautiful engaging and intelligent ads are deployed in store. Offering retailers more sales and additional ad revenue.

Dual Mode Experiences

Retailers want to maximize revenue, and advertisers want to convert ad spend to purchase. Axis4’s flexible platform ensures both.

Multi-Display mode

When a customer is simply ‘in the aisle’ we can show larger and more creative campaign concepts.

 Private label promotions

 Loyalty program

Proximity mode

Once a customer is looking directly into one section or door, any specific product information or pricing can be highlighted.

 Display pricing and SKU info

 Use for surveys or contests

 Perfect for organic, gluten free or other specialty items

It’s all about unanimous success

Retailers require more revenue per square foot, and manufacturers want to inform and engage consumers.

Large budgets are already allocated to products awareness and promotion, but the ROI is hard to calculate and most fall short in the last 2 feet at point of purchase.

Axis4 focuses on delivering in 4 key areas

Direct revenue

Increased product sales

Increased enrollment

Solidify bond with community

Direct revenue

Increased product sales

Increased enrollment

Solidify bond with community

How does is it all work?

The Revenue Cycle performs as follows

1. Axis4 Media delivers, installs and manages all required hardware and network. We then work directly with the Retailer to decide on best products and brands to highlight

2. Axis4’s Ad Team works directly with premium brands to maximize the ad spend on each door.

3. Axis4 pays retailers and locations for each ad published. This ensures long term and consistent revenue for the retail location

Where it is headed?

Displaying smart imagery and video is where we started, but the future is already here. We developed a bespoke platform and custom smart glass as a specialized solution for Food Retailer and preferred grocers.

Now we can integrate any custom applications and interactive content. Signup for rewards program, vote for you’re favorite flavour, like on Facebook. It’s all possible right in the aisle, on the glass. Use innovation and intelligence to create lift and generate revenue…simple.

The revolutionary CrystalFrame Freezer Door is here. You can now create a new advertising platform and increase ROI instantly.

Interested in this product? Contact us now.

Other advertising products

From commercial stores to commercial refrigerator doors, CrystalFrame is the perfect tool to enhance your advertising capabilities.

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More Information

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