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Industry’s best transparent-LCD solution

CrystalFrame provides the latest technology in terms of transparent display and plug & play advertising solution. In combination with Crystal-OS software, the CrystalFrame turns into a compelling tool to engage users and acquire statistical data. You can now achieve unprecedented level of advertising by adding CrystalFrame to your marketing solutions.
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Frequently asked questions

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01 How does the CrystalFrame's transparency works?

  • White is transparent
  • Black is opaque
  • Grays are translucent
  • Colors are translucent


02 Does the CrystalFrame emits any light?

The CrystalFrame’s LCD membrane does not emit light, it let the light goes through it like a passive filter. A well lighten light-box is needed behind the CrystalFrame to achieve accurate transparent results. But do not worry! This is why each CrystalFrame is sold with a LED spool that can be directly installed onto the back of the frame. This take cares of all lighting needs.


03 Can I use CrystalFrame Transparent LCD in direct sunlight?

Direct sunlight can alter LCD integrity because of UV rays. Long term exposure can cause yellow tint and lost of contrast.


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How does CrystalFrame display works?

How does transparency works?

The CrystalFrame is acting similar to a passive light filter. The video membrane does not emit any light, therefore the screen requires a well lightened light-box to generate an acceptable level of transparency. Open space installations are not optimal for this current technology.

How do you broadcast content?

The CrystalFrame was designed in synergy with Crystal-OS software to produce an out-of-the-box cloud connected object. Consequently each CrystalFrame is pre-installed with our Crystal-OS digital signage software. To make the CrystalFrame physically secured, there are no HDMI inputs on the control box itself, managing and broadcasting content is always done via the web dashboard. This removes all risks of physical hacking or content hijacking.
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Transparency features

Improved transparency

The membrane programmable-interface has been electronically & physically modify to increase its native transparency by ~15%. It is the best TLCD screen with the best overall transparency on the market.

Incredible color range

All colors are translucent. Color-space is 8bit giving 16+ millions total colors.  Viewing angle is 178 degree.

Opacity properties

Blacks are completely opaque, whites are transparent and grays are translucent.

Additional transparency information

Transparent from the front

The CrystalFrame transparency has been optimized to be view from the front. The back of the CrystalFrame is reflective and does not give a proper display image. 

Pixel resolution vs. Transparency

The membrane is 1920 x 1080 pixels (HD). There is an existent version of the CrystaFrame in 4k, the transparency is not optimal for the 4k since the pixels matrix is doubled within the same space. For better transparency we recommend the standard HD version.

Assembly features

Protection Frame

The transparent LCD membrane used in making the CrystalFrame display is 1.6mm in thickness and can be very fragile to manipulate. To overcome this matter, the CrystalFrame membrane is secured in a metal frame and laminated onto a tempered glass. This provides easy handling and fast installation without any uncertainties.

Integrated LED Lighting

The CrystalFrame requires a well lighten light-box to perform at its best. Designing one for the CrystalFrame is now easier than ever. Each CrystalFrame comes equipped with a spool of LED lighting. This provides light to the light-box and removes the needs to put lights directly in the light-box. Some instances may require adding additional lights.

Multi-screen link kit

Building a transparent video wall is now easier and faster than ever. Our link kit is designed to secure multiple CrystalFrame together without the need of an additional support frame. This linking system gives you an infinite number of possibilities for integrating the CrystalFrame into your single or multi-display projects.

Plug-and-play advertising products

From commercial stores to commercial refrigerator doors, CrystalFrame is the perfect tool to enhance your advertising capabilities.

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