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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the CrystalFrame's transparency works?

Here are the basics :

  • White is transparent
  • Black is opaque
  • Colors are translucent

Do we need special studio process for video walls?

Crystal-Sync native application can automatically upscale video contents on multi-display. Depending on video wall resolution and ratio, you may want to create custom design according to your specific template. You can also export pre-tiled content to achieve full resolution broadcast with your integration.

Can I broadcast an application in a multi-display integration?

Yes, since every tile got its own processor, you can broadcast custom apps with sensors. You can also broadcast an application via the external 4k video encoder and stream from an other HDMI source. That way, Crystal-Sync native application can be used in ‘’stream’’ mode. Encoding latency may be taken in consideration depending on the level of interactivity.

Can I use CrystalFrame Transparent LCD in direct sunlight?

Direct sunlight can alter LCD integrity because of UV rays. Long term exposure can cause yellow tint and lost of contrast.

Do we see content on both sides of CrystalFrame Transparent LCD?

Back side of the CrystalFrame is a lot more reflective, like a dark mirror. You can see through it if there’s enough light on the other side but the image is inverted.

What to think when you want transparent displays in your stores?

Find the perfect location :        

  •  In-store / Mall Facing / No direct sunlight

What experience do you want to create? 

Does it need to be interactive? Do you need to engage customers?

Cabling and engineering :  

  • AC circuit & scheduled timers
  • Network
  • Vent
  • Access

How to create great contents and renew campaign over time.

Does the CrystalFrame emits any light?

The CrystalFrame’s LCD membrane does not emit light, it let the light goes through it like a passive filter. A well lighten light-box is needed behind the CrystalFrame to achieve accurate transparent results. But do not worry! This is why each CrystalFrame is sold with a LED spool that can be directly installed onto the back of the frame. This take cares of all lighting needs.

Can I use CrystalFrame Transparent LCD on building & car windows?

No, since white content is transparent and black is opaque, you need a white back panel or lightbox. It wouldn’t be a suitable integration if your trying to see the office or the landscape behind. The result would be shady image and low brightness. An object to far can also look out of focus through the LCD.

Can I broadcast a web page link?

Yes, you can use Crystal-Web Browser built-in function to broadcast your URL in your devices. Html5 is supported.

What is the lifespan of an transparent LCD?

It’s about the same as the LED strip, 5 years 24/7. If you are using the product 12 h/day, an LCD can withstand over 10 years.

What is Axis4 Media’s service level agreement?

At Axis4 Media, we are devoted to address a support call within 90 minutes and a service call should be completed within 48 hours.

What type of application can be broadcasted with Crystal-OS?

Crystal-OS is an Android based operating system. You can upload your .APK files on Crystal-OS web portal and assign it remotely and instantly to your network.

Supported platforms are ARM and X86.

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