Transparent Display Box

Transform any customer space into an interactive advertising experience

transparent display box

Transform your customer space into an interactive advertising experience with the Transparent Display Box. This revolutionary plug-and-play video display is perfect for highlighting various consumer products, attracting customers and producing on-the-spot sales. Its neat design gives you the facility to wall mount it, reccess it into a wall or manufacture it into a standing display. Touchscreen options are built-in and included in all models.

Crystal-OS included

The Crystal-OS is a cloud based digital signage software.

Touchscreen options

IR Touchscreen included

The infrared touchscreen sensor is neatly concealed within the inner steel structure.

55″ CrystalFrame included

The latest version of the CrystalFrame is included. This guarantee you will have the best overall transparency.

Light box included

The light box is made of five powder coated panels, easily removable for maintenance and cleaning.

Side Door Access with CAM-latch lock

Place the Transparent Display Box anywhere with peace of mind, its inner steel structure combined with Cam-Latch locking system contribute to achieve a tamper-proof box. Its CrystalFrame is protected by a 5mm glass sheet and assure millions of interactions without any permanent damage.
Transparent Display Box

Custom magnetic shelving

The amount of products that can be integrated and displayed in the Transparent Display Box are limitless. By providing details and arrangement of your advertising vision, our team will customize and manufacture all the required magnetic shelves of your present and future needs.
Transparent Display Box

IR Touchscreen

Create instant interactive experiences and produce fast on-the-spot sales with the infrared touchscreen sensors. Using Crystal-OS portal, you can easily broadcast web pages, applications and schedule your advertising strategies. The IR Touchscreen option is included in all Transparent Display Box models.

Assembly Versatility

The Transparent Display Box comes in three models: Kiosk version, Wall Mounted version and Recessed version.  The kiosk version comes assemble with a stand, ideal for saving time on integration. The Wall Mounted version comes with wall mounting brackets, perfect for all type of design integration. The Recessed version comes with recessing brackets, giving you the potential to create elegant designs.
Transparent Display Box


Standalone mode

Kiosk mode

Recessed mode