Transparent Video Wall

Turn your store’s window display into a transparent video wall

Transparent Video Wall

Create an instant wow effect with our unique transparent video wall solution. We have established partnerships with digital signage integrators all over the world with intent to offer the best turn-key solution. Contact us for your custom video wall projects.

• Boost your visibility

• Create engaging experiences

• Create new place-based advertising spaces

• Increase storytelling opportunities in the field

• Transparency as an advertising vehicle

Award Winning Industrial Design

In collaboration with Alto Design, Axis4 Media created and built the first of its kind, a 20 CrystalFrames video wall. This innovation has been recognized with an industrial design award and is being featured as the perfect solution for state-of-the-art advertisement.

Axis4 Media’s turn key solution

We offer a complete transparent video wall advertising solution. From idealization to manufacturing, our team will guide you through the steps of achieving the best advertising experience.

• Custom industrial design

• Manufacturing

• Integration and deployment

• Network monitoring and management

• Custom apps and content development

• Support 24/7

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Display Technology

Our transparent video walls were developed using the latest transparent technology available to the market. With the collaboration of Alto Design, we have designed a scalable array of infinite number of CrystalFrames. Using Crystal-Sync, a built-in function of Crystal-OS, we are able to manage and synchronize every screen of a video wall remotely. This hardware and software combination makes for a state-of-art video wall solution.

Transparent Technology

CrystalFrame Lighting

LED Strip Lighting Kit

CrystalFrame Security

Framed Transparent LCD For Protection

CrystalFrame X-Link

Link Multiple CrystalFrame Together

CrystalFrame information

Operating System

The CrystalFrame displays have been optimized to work hand in hand with Crystal-OS operating software for delivering transparent video walls to the market. The built-in function Crystal-Sync provides fast and easy synchronization of any multi-display setup from 2 screens to practically infinite number of screens.

Operating System

• Application broadcasting

• Devices monitoring

• Proof of performance

• Remote update and maintenance


Built-In Function

• Quick multi-display configuration

• Auto-upscaling feature

• Video processing capacity for LED displays

• UHD encoder add-on option for HDMI input

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